We highly recommend you review the Brewers Association Draft Quality Manual. It is free online and includes information on draft line cleaning, equipment, gas blending and serving compiled by industry professionals. Find it at www.draftquality.org.


  • Always keep beer refrigerated. We do not pasteurize our beer, and beer being kept warm can result in off flavors.
  • Allow 24 hours at cooler temperature after kegs are delivered before tapping. Your beer has likely been on the delivery truck for several hours before it gets to your cooler and has warmed up, causing it to pour foamy if it is tapped immediately. It takes 24 hours for a keg to cool from 50 to 40 degrees.
  • Our beer is carbonated to 2.4 volumes of CO2. To maintain proper carbonation at sea level our beer needs 11.3 pounds pure CO2 pressure at 40 degrees. For long draw systems with blended gas, if your draft system has 20 pounds of resistance you would need a 75/25 co2/n2 gas blend to maintain appropriate carbonation levels of our beer at 40 degrees. For more information on CO2 saturation and blended gas see Ch.5 and Appendix C of the Draft Quality Manual.
  • We highly recommend draft line and faucet cleaning every 2 weeks. Proteins, yeast, minerals and bio-film can build up inside your beer line and produce off flavors. For more information on equipment, chemical dosage, etc. see Ch.8 of the draft quality manual.
  • Please serve our beers in clean glasses with one inch of foam for appropriate appearance and aroma.