Airport Way


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Elysian Airport Way is not open to the public.

Elysian – Airport Way opened November, 2011. This 35,000 square foot space in the heart of south Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood is home to our largest production facility. With an annual production capacity of 120,000 barrels, this NSI Newlands brewing system is where we brew our largest batches of The Immortal IPA, Dragons tooth Stout, Avatar Jasmine IPA and seasonal beers such as Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale and Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. The first beer we brewed on this system was The Immortal IPA.

This 60-barrel brewhouse currently fills 20 quadruple-sized 240-barrel.

Our bottling line is capable of filling 350 bottles per minute of World Class beer in either 12oz or 22oz bottles. Its equipped with a Krones pressure-sensitive labeling system allowing for greater freedom for label-art design.

In addition to traditional fermentation, we also currently house two foeders from the esteemed Heitz Cellar’s Winery. Each foeder has capacity for 43 barrels and will be integral in our sour and wood-aged beer program. We also have a variety of whiskey and wine barrels for special projects. Beginning early 2016, the airport way brewery will finalize the expansion into the north building, adding another 33,000 square feet intended for increased storage, office spaces, and dedicating 14,000 square feet of capacity for our wood-aged beer program.