Hazy '96

Hazy IPA
Product Description

Pours a golden, hazy color. Easy-drinking, lightly sweet and bitter with a ton of tropical aroma dominated by mango, papaya, and citrus.

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1/6 BBL
Pale, white wheat, rolled oats, and acidulated malt
Citra, Idaho 7

With sweat and grit, Elysian Brewing was forged in Seattle during the grunge-fueled, flannel-laden '90s. In May 1996, we opened our doors to our Capitol Hill Brew Pub as a spot to enjoy fresh beer and listen to music. And while we’ve grown over the last 26 years, one thing has stayed consistent, our never-ending thirst for great beer.

This thirst has inspired us to brew different styles of beer over the years, from imperial pumpkin ales to fresh hop IPAs. These innovation brews are often only available as a limited-edition draft option at one of our Seattle Pubs and then gone for good once the keg has kicked. But occasionally, one of the beers gets a local cult following. It starts gradually. Friends of friends come in asking for it. We notice posts about it online. Fast forward a couple of weeks and this single-run brew is now a popular staple at all three of our Elysian Pubs.

This is the origin story of Hazy ‘96. A brewer at Elysian Fields was interested in brewing a hazy IPA that paired Citra and Idaho 7™ hops. The result was a golden, tropical juice bomb coming in at a crushable 6.1% ABV. This beer became an instant employee favorite and reminded us of our hazy and humble beginnings.

Reminisce with us. Take a sip and press play on nostalgia. Let Hazy '96 pull at your heartstrings as it envelops your taste buds with a vignette of tropical fruit aromas and a dense, juicy haze. It's movie night, 90s style — you bring the popcorn, and we'll bring the beer.


Hazy '96 is driven by an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for the 90s. Pulling visual cues from video cassette packaging, you are automatically transported to a specific moment in time. The artwork for Hazy '96 switches up our usual packaging by focusing on familiar design elements — such as type and color — as opposed to a living subject. As you turn the can in your hand, you'll notice every piece of a video cassette box has been considered. Even the sticker on the cassette tape itself is the UPC.