Push Mower Pils

American-Style Pilsner
Product Description

Pours a clear, straw color. Full but balanced malt flavor lends a slight sweetness with a clean and crisp finish. With a subtle floral aroma from light dry hopping, this beer is the perfect summer sipper.

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Pilsner, DexPils, Acidulated
Magnum, US Saaz

As a departure from our usual lineup of heady IPAs, we present Push Mower Pilsner as our new summer seasonal.

Afternoon chores call for languid breaks and little rewards. Push Mower Pilsner is a crisp, American-style Pilsner designed to help you cool off and decompress under a shady tree. Brewed with organic pilsner malt from Skagit Valley Malting, it boasts a light-bodied full malt flavor that is perfectly balanced with moderate doses of US grown Saaz hops. The light dry hopping adds a delightful touch of floral aroma. With a refreshing and satisfying taste, Push Mower Pilsner is the ideal companion for your well-deserved downtime during the hot summer months. So, break out your dad sneakers and old-school lawn mower and work up a thirst!


Push Mower Pilsner encapsulates the spirit of summer — it’s a beer that is approachable, easy-drinking, and perfect for those sultry months under the sun. We wanted the label’s art to capture this essence while ensuring it conveys the spirit of relaxation and enjoyment that comes with cracking open a cold one and kicking up your feet after completing a hard day of chores.

The iconic imagery on the can embraces a unique birds-eye perspective as we look down upon the brand's wordmark as a freshly-cut lawn. The brand’s typography is the hero here, incorporating a monochromatic color palette that plays with two tonal variants of green and gives the artwork a rich textured appearance. The candy red mower takes center stage; it’s both a visual focal point and a symbolic "period" to signify an abrupt pause in the chore of tending the lawn. The message couldn’t be any more clear — the yard specialist was simply over it, abandoning the mower halfway through the task to go enjoy a well-deserved break and a cold Push Mower Pils.